Working With Us

Your Numbers Nerd knows that our practice reputation must reflect the high standards we place on our work and commitment to excellence. Our goal is not just to keep your books, but to become a trusted advocate and advisor, providing you with the best, most accurate advice we can offer. We continually work to educate ourselves in core areas such as technical knowledge, financial knowledge and other services that would benefit our clients.

Customized Business Evaluation

We love getting to know you! This includes an overall business assessment, a deep dive into your current system, and a meet and greet either on the phone or in-person to discuss your needs as well as your future goals for your business. We want a 360-degree view to ensure we are exceeding your expectations.

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Growing your business

Our number one goal is to find the best possible ways to make your business more profitable and help you, the business owner, put more money in your pocket. Sustainable. Built-in mechanisms to put profit first before anything else means you will always know where your business stands.

Setting You Up for Success!

Bank, Credit card, and expenses automatically download into your accounting software where they are categorized into proper expense accounts via a secure cloud environment. Bank Reconciliations, credit cards and other transactions are stored for you in a secure cloud environment. We never access your bank accounts directly, so your money remains secure and accessible by you only.

No transfers, bill pay or financial transactions will ever happen from our software.
Communication is a breeze! We use email, texting and the accounting software itself to share messages and discuss transaction or reporting needs. We will work together to find solutions that integrate directly into the Accounting software to manage your sales, inventory, and reporting.

The entire integration process happens online so there is nothing to store, download or save, making the paperwork hassle a thing of the past.