Working With Your Numbers Nerd

Your Numbers Nerd knows that our practice reputation must reflect the high standards we place on our work and commitment to excellence. Our goal is not just to keep your books, but to become a trusted advocate and advisor, providing you with the best, most accurate advice we can offer. We continually work to educate ourselves in core areas such as technology options, financial knowledge, accounting systems, best practices and other services we believe benefit our clients.

Growing Your Business Profits

Our number one goal is to find the best possible ways to make your business more profitable and help you, the business owner, put more money in your pocket!

With online access to your books & documents, you will always know you’re account balances, inventory & payroll, and you’ll be able to track progress to your goals. Your Numbers Nerd is here to help you reduce your business expenses and increase your profits!

Customized Business Bookkeeping Evaluation

We take a consultative approach to every business we work with, guiding them through their individual needs to reach their financial goals! Schedule a discovery call via Zoom to get started today!

During our call, we will review your overall business by asking questions about your current bookkeeping systems, the different income & expenses you track, and we discuss your future goals for the business.