Full-Service bookkeeping
Training & Support
Custom Financial Statements
Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
Sales Tax Filings
Inventory Setup
Payroll Processing with Direct Deposit
Annual W2 & 1099 Filing
Income Tax Prep for both Individuals and LLC’s

What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

When you work with us, we can live in the same town or another state. We are a full-service bookkeeping practice located in Castle Rock, Colorado offering a broad range of services for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and independent business professionals throughout the United States. We have even customized a financial tracking solution for Independent Sales Consultants who are learning to maximize their deductions and lessen their tax liability throughout the year.

A secure internet connection, video conferencing, and texting make it easy to accomplish everything virtually!

Using technology in the most effective way possible, your bookkeeping software, documents, and files are all stored online, in the cloud. Everything can be accessed through a mobile device or your internet browser. The cloud can even replace the need for stuffed overflowing shoeboxes and envelopes full of receipts. A simple photo taken with your phone will upload the image to your software and your bookkeeper can retrieve it when they need it. This is a much more efficient, and cost-saving solution for your small business than hiring a part-time or full-time employee.

Full-Service Bookkeeping

We do it all! You’ll always have access to real-time information via the cloud so you always know how your business is performing and what areas you need to concentrate on the most. We can pay your bills, send out invoices and even track all the banking and credit card transactions. We create amortization schedules and properly track interest and liability payments, as well as depreciating equipment costs. We can even add payroll and sales tax to your customized package.

Training & Support

Just want to know how to set everything up so that it’s right, and you’ve got a working system? GREAT! We can set up your bookkeeping software and show you how to manage your financial data. We will provide periodic check-ins when you have questions on how to handle something or what your financial data is telling you so that you can make the best decisions for your small business. Making sure your books are correct will give you the solid foundation you need for your business to grow.


In order to fairly offer you the most value and an accurate price for our bookkeeping or payroll services, we will need to know more about your individual business and what your needs are. We pride ourselves in being very affordable, by providing custom services to help you stay within your budget.