** Are you an Online Retailer? 🏢

** Do you Ship 🛩 out of State? Specifically to the Empire State? 🗽

This article is for you. My home state has finally decided to jump on the Nexus Bandwagon that started rolling out last year when Wayfair lost it’s appeal in the Supreme Court to not be charged Sales Tax when it shipped products out of state.


1) Sales Tax is calculated by where the end user takes possession of the product, not where it is shipped from.

2) Small and large businesses alike are required to know what the nexus laws are in the states they ship to. Then they must collect and remit sales tax to those jurisdictions.

3) Every. Single. State. is different. No two states are alike. Only about 30 states have even decided to implement nexus rules.

Thankfully unless you’re shipping over $300K in gross revenue to NYS, OR shipped more than 100 items into the state, you’re probably ok!

Still reading this article will prove extremely helpful for you!