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This girl is no stranger to accounting terrors for small businesses. With 20 years of solid bookkeeping experience in small to midsize organizations, I’ve seen quite a bit, and I have helped businesses just like yours get back on track and stay on track with their finances!

“It is my goal to help these startups understand their finances, value their resources, put paying themselves first and learn to make their passions profitable.”

If you’re looking for someone who you can trust with your money, you’ve come to the right place. Your Numbers Nerd was created just for you, with you in mind!

Like a good friend whom you can meet regularly with for coffee, we are here to help you figure it all out. Whether starting from scratch or working out the kinks of an old system, the Numbers Nerd team knows how to help. We will get you up and running smoothly and efficiently in no time!

Adrienne Grolbert : Bookkeeper

Adrienne has been a valuable member of our team since October 2019. A Registered Nurse by day, Adrienne’s keen attention to detail keep both her patients, and our clients safe, and dreaming of a better future.

I’ve lived in Colorado for the last 12 years but I’m originally from Oregon and have also lived in Las Vegas. I’m a forever student with several degrees and always looking to learn something more and new. When I’m not working on your books or as a nurse I enjoy knitting, reading, gardening, trivia with my trivia team and trying to keep my cat Mo happy. My 2020 financial goals are to pay off at least 50% of my student loans and remodel a bathroom in my house. My favorite food is chocolate and my favorite color is blue.

Katrina Watkins : Bookkeeper

Katrina joined our firm in October 2020, and has proven to be an excellent team member and assistant. She’s friendly, outgoing, dedicated to accuracy and a true problem solver!

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, however I recently relocated from Virginia to Florida. While I received my Bachelor of Science degree in 2010, I truly believe we are never done learning and exploring life. I love how I can work on businesses’ books behind the scenes and help their business dream thrive! One of the most rewarding parts is being able to take some of the pressure and doubt away from the business owner and showing them how powerful being in control of their finances is! I am a wife and a mother to three young, energetic children. I am always looking for a new challenge to accept or a goal to run towards, but also value the necessity of a lazy Saturday filled with movies, pizza, and homemade cookies! When I do get a free moment I like to fill it with running and family hikes, but my ultimate happy place is the ocean.

Megan Brobst – Accountant

A Kansas native, I reside on a farm near my hometown. I was fortunate to discover a passion for accounting early on, while taking a high school business class. Fast forward a few years, and I now hold a master’s degree in accountancy from Emporia State University. In my opinion, helping small businesses thrive is one of the biggest benefits to working in the field of accounting. Outside of work, I have three kids who keep me busy with their various activities in school, sports, and 4-H.

Emma Johnson – Virtual Assistant

Denver born and raised, I started my career in the medical field in 2013. Initially working as a medical receptionist, and then front office manager I learned basic bookkeeping skills I am now applying in my work here. While I no longer work in the medical field I learned several important values that I have been able to apply universally to other industries, most importantly accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to pinpoint the cause of an issue. I love problem solving and educating clients in regards to why things are done a certain way. I believe if you educate someone on best practices, it builds a foundation of trust and understanding.

When I’m not working, I enjoy helping my photographer husband with his photoshoots, playing with our dog Atticus and spending time with family. I am an avid book lover, travel enthusiast and coffee snob, and prefer to enjoy the outdoors from inside. I have a passion for interior decorating and a ridiculous amount of Pinterest boards dedicated to all things beautiful, consisting mainly of travel destinations, decor inspiration for our future home and delicious looking recipes I will make (one day!)