About Us

If you’re looking for someone who you can trust with your money, you’ve come to the right place. Your Numbers Nerd was created just for you, with you in mind!

Our Story

This girl is no stranger to accounting terrors for small businesses. With 20 years of solid bookkeeping experience in small to midsize organizations, I’ve seen quite a bit, and I have helped businesses just like yours get back on track and stay on track with their finances.

Are you with me?

A native New Yorker, I was born and raised in Long Island and moved to Buffalo, NY in the late 80’s just before I became a teenager. There, I attended Art School and college while climbing my way up the proverbial corporate ladder. As I learned more and more about the accounting needs of each organization I was working for, I began to realize that I really loved helping small businesses succeed in their finances.

In 2006 I took my first full charge bookkeeping position for a mid-size NPO and have never looked back. I became heavily involved in the community, serving on several community boards and becoming actively engaged in my local church. In 2009, I agreed to host my first exchange student from Japan, and subsequently went on to also host students from Russia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In 2013, I sold my home, along with just about everything I owned, packed up anything that would fit into my horse n buggy (ok so really it was my SUV & a 12’ U-Haul trailer) and pioneered my way west to Castle Rock, Colorado.

Upon arrival, I accepted the Finance Manager position with a mid-size International Ministry located in Littleton, CO and began to dream about a future where I was financially secure and could create the life I’d always dreamed of having.

And so, in early 2018, I hung my shingle out on the front porch and started “Your Numbers Nerd”– a specialty Bookkeeping firm designed to help home-based, small and moderately sized businesses. It is my goal to help these startups understand their finances, value their resources, put Profits First and learn to make their passions, profitable.


Like a good friend whom you can meet regularly with for coffee, we are here to help you figure it all out. Whether starting from scratch or working out the kinks of an old system, the Numbers Nerd team knows how to help. We will get you up and running smoothly and efficiently in no time.